Thursday, May 5, 2011

Luscious Lockets is giving away!

Wow. I feel embarrassed to even say Hello. I know I am the worst person, utter scum, utter rotten tomatoes for not updating in agesssss! Sorry. *guilty faced*

Life has been breezing along and now I'm officially a College Student! *insert trumpet sounds*
Which means...NEW BLOG! Yep, I'm switching over to a new blog because of some special reasons but more on that later.

I stumbled across this amazing blog called 'Luscious Lockets'. You should SEE the designs. They're heart-wrenchingly gorgeous. I've become a regular visitor and that's how I came to know about their May Giveaway.

Two words: Gooorrr--geeeousss. (Oh, right, I know. It's one word but seriously. Grammar? Now? REALLY?)

You can enter here:

Hurry! I'm sending in my vote too. Fingers crossed. XOXO

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toasty Winter: Enter to win Uggs!

I can already feel the treacherous cold seeping in through my windows and forcing me to take a heavy blanket while the sun is still shining brightly outside. Winter is very deceptive. You never know when it arrives. You just wake up one day and have the 'oooohhhhhh, it's so cold! When did it get so cold?' scenario.

And then, yesterday, either I grew tall in a one night's time - which is frankly impossible because I have been this height since AGES - or my blankets grew short. Either way, I woke up with frozen feet.
Very pretty, I know.

I was telling this to my cousin with great anguish during breakfast and then she told me that she wore shoes to bed. And I was like, 'Really?!'.
She told me to try Uggs. I see displays of these shoes everywhere but I never try them on. Never considered it, I suppose.

I tried my sister's and goodness, they were so soft and warm! My feet instantly felt as if they were holidaying in the Bahamas. It was that good.
(But I would never wear them to bed. My sister has the strangest ideas. And besides, it's not too good for your blood circulation.)

Uggs could be worn with anything but I think it looks best with jeans tucked underneath.

Leighton Meester in mid-calf light beige Uggs

I would suggest trying out Ugg boots from They have great prices and shipping policies. They ship anywhere, everywhere! The people at Woogaboots have also kindly informed me about a contest to win a pair, open to everyone. (Refer below)
Even if you don't win a pair of comfortable Uggs, buy one! They're worth it. Not to mention, they're eco-friendly!

Here's what they say about their product:

The thicker merino sheepskin used in our ugg boots cools your toes in summer and warms in winter to produce a supremely comfortable 22 degree constant temperature. Unlike other footwear, ugg boots are made from a natural insulator. Constantly circulating air prevents heat exchange keeping you comfortable regardless of the temperature. With thicker sheepskin we offer greater insulation, comfort and strength.

They offer seven different colours: Chestnut, Chocolate, Black, Grey, Pink, Violet and Sand.

Click the picture below to enter the contest.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NaNoWriMo Fever

I know, I know - Where have I been all this time? You could say I have returned from a very long vacation. So many things have happened - Twilight movie was epic fail (not that the books were great to begin with), New Moon is also coming (which I admit, I will watch with feverish excitement...Taylor is so easy on the eyes), Studs came into fashion (woohoo!), Taylor Swift turned up with an obscenely catchy song and oh yes, I am going to have a new cousin!

Now if that isn't exciting, I don't know what is! My new-shall-be-born-soon cousin and I will have a humongous age difference but lucky him, he'll have someone showering gifts all over him. I am almost green with envy.

Anyway, how has everyone been? I won't be posting anything today because I have to rush but I just wanted to remind everyone to join NaNoWriMo!

Check it out:

Just a brief introduction: It starts on the 1st of November and ends on the 30th of November. Your goal? To write a novel of 50K words before the end of the month!
Come on, Fashionistas! Take out your pens, grab some decaf lattes and let your mind go wild!

P.S. Keep your Valentino heels close for inspiration. :) Trust me.